Female DJs, VJs, Remixers and Producers from The Netherlands!

vrouwelijke dj
These Female DJs are the first DJ, VJ and Producer Duo of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, United States, United Kingdom and so on! They even have their own record label called Smile Creations Music Label. They speak different languages besides Dutch like English, German, French, Indonesian and a little bit Spanish. They are familiar with international audiences.
Female DJs is the perfect combination of the blond DJ Miss Smile and the dark curly haired DJ No Sugar. Both ladies are allround and representative for aswel public- as corporate events. They perform everywhere in clubs, indoor and outdoor festivals around the world.
Their styling, clothing, colours and even the DJ Booth can be tuned for your event. The collaboration and performance of these flexible ladies is iron-cast. They can plan the interpretation of the event in consultation with you.
vrouwelijke dj
The evening can be built up quietly and the DJ’s will spin one by one. As the evening progresses they will take place together at the same time behind the decks.
This way they will excite the audience by playing the right song, in the right mix at the right time.
The target group and the reaction of the people on the dance floor are key. When everyone is on the dancefloor then a true battle wil take place between the female djs playing back-to-back. Both women are ambitious and want the applause of the audience. So the fire and energy radiates from these female DJ's Miss Smile and No Sugar, and the audience will get a slice of this musical and visual treat!
Yet the evening is not over yet, as a complete surprise, DJ No Sugar will leave the DJ Booth for a moment as a percussionist with beautiful white 'drums' to play live and give some extra spice to the beats of DJ Miss Smile. DJ No Sugar is a show from the stage with a solid percussion and / or mobile percussion between people on the dance floor with a handheld drum. DJ Miss Smile leaves an unforgettable impression at the conclusion of the evening. With her music choices, your event can not go wrong!
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different concepts of the Female DJs; like the VJ option or the corporate DJ workshop.
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